23 rue Jouffroy d'Abbans
75017 Paris
Tel. : 01 46 22 11 60
Mon 4:pm-7:pm
Tues-Sat 10:am-2:pm
and 4:pm-7:30pm
Station: Malesherbes

Shopping in Paris - Spanish Delicatessen in Paris

spanisches Feinkostgeschäft

At CAP HISPANIA you will find the best products coming from different regions of Spain. The most excellent ham is the Iberico Bellota, followed by the Iberico ham and the Serrano ham. Ham Iberico Bellota is also called Pata Negra, coming from the black pigs with black legs. These pigs are free-range pigs, eating only acorns.
CAP HISPANIAIn offers a large choice of hams, charcuterie, wine, condiments, cheese etc.


29 rue de l'Ouest
75014 Paris
Tel. : 01 43 20 41 52
Tues-Sat. 10:am-1:30pm
and 3:pm-8:pm
Station: Pernety

spanisches Feinkostgeschäft

Monsieur Manolo is really an expert of Iberico Bellota ham(Salamanca, Dehesa Extremadura, Jabugo ... ). He is also MAESTRO CORTADOR (which means that he is able to cut fine slices of ham with a knife without using a machine). At EL BIERZO you will find a large choice of hams and charcuteries, also high-quality Spanish wines.